Ryad Merhy


Trailer of a 52 min documentary directed by Didier Malchaire, produced by MiB * Made in Brussels.

Resilience tells the great adventure of a man determined to transform his private and professional obstacles into life force. 
From the very beginning of his training, the young boxer shows excellent skills in the ring.
Thanks to his determination combined with true ethics in his combat discipline, Ryad Merhy becomes a shining example.
Quickly, he aligns the victories.
Undefeated during sixteen professional fights, he then sets out to conquer international titles.
The titles add up and lead to Ryad getting a shot at the World Championship.
And it is there that for the first time in his career, he loses a fight.
For fifty-two minutes, the documentary will testify of the rise of a high-level sportsman after that defeat.
It will also introduce us to the man behind the boxer.
A humble and resilient man, who is able to transform the obstacles of life, both private and professional, into a positive driving force. 
Although boxing is the vector of this film, it is only an excuse to tell a story about surpassing oneself.
Ryad Merhy, world champion.