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Patrick is born son of a plumber who was fascinated by movies.
He starts off in the events and music business, auto-financing his studies at the HRITCS film school in Brussels.
Finishing film school with flying colours, he immediately grabs the opportunity to work on the production side of a couple of movies and short films, before he stumbling into the wondrous world of commercials, where he builds up his career both as producer and director.
He’s shot a bit all over the world and probably travels more than is healthy, living in constant jet lag.
Doing so, he was able to found his film production network, MiW * Made in World, with offices in Brussels, Lisbon, Sofia, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Taipei.
Sometimes he can still be found looking after his flamboyant events hall-bar-club called "Bazaar" in the heart of Brussels. 
Over the years, Patrick has worked on over a thousand commercials, some TV-station idents, video clips, art films, short films and documentaries.
He has done an eye-watering mix of work, but it’s his edgy, quirky comedy and fast-beat heart-thumping action that has set him apart. 
And no.... he's not ready to stop just yet...