VERTICAL - Is The New Horizontal

Didier Malchaire is an award (*) winning film director specialized in Motion Design since he was 22 years old.
He starts his career as a freelance director in advertising, working for almost all of the major announcers.
Over the past 10 years he has been specializing himself in the art of making high end corporate films and institutional content videos.
His particularity is that he often creates an all-inclusive package, which contains the creation, the executive work, the directing, the producing and he often also operates the whole post-production process by himself.
Passionate about MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) he has been travelling the world to make his self-produced documentary on Belgian MMA champion Tarec Saffiedine, in collaboration with UFC and BeTV, where it has been aired numerous times.
At the end of 2016 Didier decides to join the team at MiB * Made in Brussels, where he takes his place as director, producer and post-producer.

(*) CCB’s Best Graphical Audiovisual Commercial 2000 with Sony & Mention for the Best Ad Campaign for La Loterie Nationale.


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