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Obsessed with movies from a young age, Spooner’s love of the medium brought him to the European Film College where he began his journey from the theatre seat to the director’s chair. 
After graduating, Spooner started with a local Danish production company where he spent day and night cultivating his unique talents within lmmaking. 
Around the year 2000 Spooner conceived the idea to do a TV series in the form of a spoof cop show. The series called ”P.I.S.” was the rst mockumentary show in the world. Together with his high school friend Simon Bonde, he made two seasons of “P.I.S”. The series became an instant classic on Danish television, and opened the door to the world of advertising. 
Among their rst jobs was a long series of sitcom-tv-spots for Toyota which won several Arnold Prizes and positioned them as the go to guys when it came to directing comedy spots. The duo quickly broke the boundaries of the local market and stepped out into the big world, directing international campaigns for clients such as Carlsberg, Suzuki and Pandora. 
In 2009 their second series “The Man with the Golden Ears” hit it big on Danish television scoring four Danish TV awards for Best Script, Best Short Format Drama, Best Editing and Best Sound. It was also picked up by Fox TV Studios to be remade for American Television. 
Today Spooner works as a single entity and is also known for directing music videos for local artists like Nik & Jay, Medina, Outlandish and Brandon Beal. His commercial work includes clients as Ladbrokes, US Bank, United Arab Emirates, Toyota, K-Mart and Nestlé just to mention af few. 
With advertising as his playground Spooner continues to exert himself in lm craft in all formats. As a director, he masters the ability to create a variety of fascinating universes enriched by his remarkable understanding of visual techniques, his ability to use humor, and his great interpersonal skills. 
Spooner is currently based between Denmark and LA.