MTC - Wings

Hadi is based in London.
His attention to detail, eye for a visual story and striking, poetic cinematography has led to him winning numerous awards including Cannes Lions, ICAD, Lynx and a CFF.
His intimate approach combines a passion for classical storytelling, an eye curious for composition, thoughtful framing and a belief in translating ideas onto the screen constantly striving with every film to create a unique and engaging piece.

He continues to develop and direct awarded commercials for such clients as TOYOTA, IKEA, VODAFONE, MERCEDES, NOKIA, MTV and MASTERCARD.
He recently also directed "The Queen", a 35-minute documentary about a camel beauty pageant in the UAE, which has won critical acclaim at various film and documentary festivals.

Hadi believes good advertising, like assic cinema, requires a strong idea, an imaginative eye and intelligent handling... the rest will follow.