MOBISTAR - Unlimited

Saying Wim Bonte's career is diverse, is an understatement.

After graduating in 2000 at Narafi Brussels he decided to produce and direct the first Belgian snowboard film and took off to the mountains. To pay the bills, he started to work on various commercials and feature films, first as a location manager, later as 1st AD.

Always looking for adventures abroad, he ended up directing documentary series for the Belgian TV stations, bringing him to the far outskirts of the planet.  

All these experiences shaped his craft and made him a versatile commercial and digital content director. Mixing the authenticity and reality of his television background with cinematographically styled visuals result in a varied scope of work - be it comedy or dramatic story-telling and give his films a distinctive, authentic and unique feel. 

In recent years he restrained himself and worked primarily in Belgium for amongst others Mobistar, Ikea Jetair, Primus and SN, but now adventures abroad are luring once again.