Kurt Stallaert was born in 1969 in Belgium, where he lives and works.
After completing his studies at the Antwerp School of Photography, Kurt Stallaert was recruited by several top advertising agencies in Belgium.
Since then he has worked for Duval-Guillaume and TBWA and directed major advertising campaigns for Levis, Van Marcke, Humo, Telenet, Renault and many more.

As a fashion and advertising photographer, Kurt developed a personal style of impacting images that inspired many international brands he worked for: Nike, Sisley, Axe, Marie Jo and many more.

Kurt's imagery is inspired by average social and cultural matters, with a touch of humor and irony.
His work is remarkable in its unique ability to elevate the everyday and commonplace through visually arresting treatments.
In both his fashion and advertising photography, Kurt creates elaborate settings in attempts to reflect his own artistic language and imaginary world.

These sensibilities prompted his recent path towards artistic experimentation with moving images.
Distinctive aesthetics and an engagement with movement, time and change in his photographic images are all aspects which elevate Kurt's body of work in the context of contemporary visual art to an unique experience.

Kurt’s previous artistic projects include "Bodybuilders' World", a photographic series of muscled men, women and children.
In 2010, works from "Bodybuilders’ World" were exhibited at the Museum Dr. Guislain in Ghent.
Soon after his work was exhibited by Leonhard’s Gallery in Antwerp and Buda Art Center in Brussels.
He is represented by Pavleye Art and Culture Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic.