S&R'S GARAGE - How Not To "Genie"

Jan Boon was born in Belgium as the son of screenplay writer Jacques Boon in August 1980.
As a teenager he developed himself as a documentary photographer documenting different communities such as hooligans and rock-bands.
At the age of 17 Jan got a degree at the Academy of Arts in Anderlecht specializing in quick sketching, lithography and photography.
In 1998 Jan consequently studied at the two major film schools in Brussels: RITS and NARAFI.
In his free time Jan is active as a drummer form the Belgian punk rock band ‘Gino’s Eyeball’.
After 14 years his band is still going strong playing over 800 shows around Europe.

Jan has a true passion for storytelling andalso graduated from the Flemish Script Academy, majoring in screenplaywriting.

From 2004 till 2006 Jan stated directing music video¹s for a variety of Belgian artists. His passion also took him to the stage, as he wrote different musical plays together with producer LiesbethVereertbrugghen.To the present date Jan and Liesbeth produced 10 plays featuring Belgians finest actors and musicians.
Between 2005 and 2008 Jan wrote different formats for non-fiction television shows for the Belgian commercial tv corporation VMMA. He directed 7 of these formats himself.

In February 2006 Jan got the opportunity to direct his first commercial for a women’s magazine called ‘Flair’. Jan instantly fell in love with the short-format storytelling of commercials. It didn’t take him long to earn his place in the commercial industry. His Flair-commercial got instantly picked-up by international film festivals earning him a second place at the Young Director’s Award in Cannes. Jan Boon has been directing and writing commercials around Europe ever-since.

Combining his experiences as a screen writer, a photographer and a director Jan is now expanding his field of experience by making branded-content for brands like Smirnoff as well as online inter-active films for clients like BNP Fortis Paribas.