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Anne Marie Vandeputte has an extremely exciting background and education in art and fiction, growing up in the afterglow of the sixties, inspired during the seventies, highly creative since the eighties, and professional since the nineties.
Educated in Brussels and Los Angeles, Anne Marie combines esthetic skills with very believable actor directing.
She is passionate and very driven to make remarkable films that are well told.
Her films vary over the years so her portfolio is divers.
She reinvents herself again and again and her approach is never outdated. 
The director’s strength is to humanize and give character and personality to a brand.
Anne Marie’s films are never mainstream and always have a personal flair and natural flow. 
For some projects she likes to pic up the camera herself and shoots with natural light to be very close to her subject.
On set she is very focused but patient and always calm, with a good sense of humor, thus creating an ideal platform for technical- and acting- talent to “give” the project all they can.
With long years of experience she is the perfect problem solver, easy-going with big clients and able to make the smallest project look outstanding and exiting.
Once preparing a film Anne Marie is very involved and present.
She always makes mood boards and very often test films to prepare the style and look and helps creatives to translate an idea that started on paper into a touching film. Every project is prepared with great care and passion, so that once on the shoot, intuition, common sense and creativity can run free and “the magic” can do its work.
Anne Marie worked for all the mayor clients and multinationals and is still very flexible with tiny project. 
At this moment she focuses on filming kids, food, vignettes films and female fashion films. 
She is one of the rare directors that combines good acting with filming very nice food shots.

Commercials Awarded mentioned and nominated

CFP awards 2010 Recupel / Best Costume
Goudenwelp 2009 Wonen in Antwerpen
Silver Lion Cannes 2002 Le Rustique:L'avion, Le massage
Diamond CCB 2001/ Shortlist Cannes 2001 Axion series: Stairs, Hart attack,Wheelchair, Jail
Shortlist Cannes 2001 VW Audi
Gold CCB 2000 McDonald's serie: McDeluxe, McDeluxe potato, McRib, McKungFu
Nomination CCB 1999 Vlaamse Infolijn: Potje, Kip

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