If I wasn’t a director, I’d probably ended up as a psychologist.

My interest in human behavior was the reason to start studying psychology in 1992 at the university of Amsterdam.
After two years of spending more time on film sets than debating Freud, and the realisation that I could better visit a psychologist than become one, I decided to re-think my career.

In 1999, after finishing Audio Visual Media studies at the HKU, I started as a commercial and music video director.
Since then I developed a wide experience working for Dutch and international brands.

I am a director who likes to investigate the storyline and characters in the script, taking the narration to a next level.
I love working with actors, creating a natural and strong performance.

I am a character-driven storyteller, and after years of making light-hearted comedy, my interest shifted towards stories with more socially relevant content.

My goal is to tell emotional and original stories, all shot with a cinematic eye.

There are still a million stories to be told out there !