INTERFLORA - Next time, flowers

Henrik is a Swedish director based in Stockholm but frequently travels the world directing commercials.
His background in music video clips and short films can clearly been seen in his commercial work.
Henrik is also a film buff and technical wizard who loves to make films through storytelling with a cinematic touch.

No matter the subject, his films have that unique feeling that connects with the audience and either makes you smile or cry.

As a storyteller he loves to make it "larger than life" and add a comical twist in the end.
The end result always radiates joy, charm and wit and with characters that you love and care about.

Henrik’s clients include Volkswagen, Volvo, Burger King, Etisalat, Rewe, Grolsch, Bosch and the Swedish amusment park Grona Lund (which has won a Brass Ring Award in 2014).